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Kayak Clinics

Interested in specific skill development or refesher, then try one of our clinics.
Navigation, Paddle Strokes, Recoveries, Bracing & Rolling, Camping Skills and Introduction to Surf.


Navigation Theory - (2-3 Hours) Charts, Scale & Symbols, Compass Bearings, Route Planning

Navigation Field Day - (Full Day) Practice Compass Bearings and Identifying Land Feature in the Field with this Day-long paddle in the Gulf Islands
Paddle Strokes

Improve your Paddle Skills with a focus on Torso Rotation and Efficiency. Forward, Turning and Draw Strokes (3 Hours)

Refresh and Learn New Techniques to get back in your kayak, with or without a paddling partner. (2-3 Hours)

Bracing and Rolling

Develop the Skills to keep you in your kayak. Low Brace, High Brace, Sculling and Rolling (3 Hours)
Multiple sessions are typically required to Master a Roll
Camp Skills

From what to bring, How to pack, Tent and Tarp set-up and using a camp stove this 4 Hour session will help you prepare for your overnight trip
Introduction to Surf

Develop the Skills to safely come into shore through mild surf as well as bracing and riding the waves (waves up to 1 meter)
This course typically envolves travel to the West Coast (3 days including travel) however occasionally if the conditions are right we can put one on in White Rock (contact us to get notifications on these oportunities)
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