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Our Multi-day kayak Adventure/Tours

are designed for those who would like to play a more active role in the paddling trip.

Guides / Instructors will facilitate ongoing learning and skill development through daily briefings, information talks and on-water detection and correction of skills.

Participants are encouraged to share in the discussions and practice of navigation, weather interpretation and general decision making.  For those who want to just sit back and relax that is fine too, but for those who want to learn and grow their skills and knowledge this is a great way to put your course skills into practice.

The Broken Group Islands are a great place to challenge your navigation skills

Broken Group Islands Kayak Tour

The Broken Group Islands is group of over a 100 islands in the heart of Barkley Sound off Vancouver Islands West Coast.

The area is rich in wildlife. Humpback whales, grey whales, orca, sea lion, seal and harbour porpoise are just some of the marine life we have seen.  Deer, wolves and along the shorelines of Vancouver Island bears can also be seen.

A pre-trip meeting will help participants plan and prepare for the trip and guides / instructors will be available to facilitate ongoing learning. Carpooling will be arranged for those traveling from White Rock.

Participants must be 19 years of age to participate. Customized trips may be arranged for families.

Fees Include - kayak and related equipment, guides, group gear such as tarps / stoves.
Fees include approx $150 in Parks, Launching, and Indigenous fees

Additional Fees Not Included -
-Food (Meals will be planned as part of a pre-trip meeting)
- Parks National Park Pass
- Carpool/Travel/Parking Fees
- Water Taxi Fees if Required
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