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Day-Tripping Kayak Course Overview

2 Day Course - Approx Time (14-16 hrs)

2 Hrs Knowledge - 5 Hrs Paddle Skills - 3 Hrs Rescue Skills - Part-Day Paddle

Knowledge - Clothing for paddling, safety equipment, outfitting a kayak for a day long paddle, decision making for a day paddle.
- Introduction to Marine Forecasts.
- Introduction to Tide & Current Resources.
- Introduction to Charts & Basic Navigation.

Paddling Skills - Working to improve the skills learned in the Introduction Sea Kayak Course with a stronger emphasis on Torso Rotation and Edge Control.
Forward stroke, reverse stroke, forward and reverse sweep strokes, draw strokes, edging and Low Brace.

Rescue Skills - Controlled Wet Exit, Assisted and Unassisted Recoveries.
Day Tripping Kayak Course (2 Days)
Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayaking

This Sea Kayaking course builds on the skill developed in the Introduction Kayak Course and moves participants from paddling in flatwater into the sport of Sea Kayaking.  Lessons are conducted in slightly rougher conditions and have a stronger focus on re-entry techniques and the skills necessary for planning a day-trip with friends (Basic navigation, weather interpretation, clothing/gear)

Successful participants will be given the Paddle Canada Level 1 certification

Location - White Rock, Surrey and Greater Vancouver area.

Prerequisites - Introduction / Basic Sea Kayaking Course or Significant Kayaking Experience
(Participants should have the basic skills to move / turn a sea kayak and keep up with a group of novice paddlers)

Course Fees Include - Kayak and related equipment

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