Level 2 Kayak Touring Course - White Rock and the Gulf Islands - David Dreves Kayaking

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Paddle Canada Level 2 Sea Kayaking / Touring Overview

Knowledge - Seamanship and decision making knowledge appropriate to kayak touring with a group of peers.

- Use of Marine Weather forecasts and related resources to plan and make daily decisions while paddling.

- Introduction to Wilderness Navigation using charts and compass.

- Use of Tide / Current tables and related resources to plan and make daily decisions while paddling.
Including choosing appropriate beach camp locations and navigating areas of challenging currents.

- Introduction to Wilderness Camping skills including tarp set-up, cooking, gear familiarization and packing a kayak.

Kayak Paddling Skills - Continued Development of Level 1 skills with an emphasis on torso rotation and boat control - Forward stroke, reverse stroke, sweep strokes, draw strokes and low brace. Skills performed in Dynamic Conditions including; wind and chop, mild currents.

- Introduction to High Bracing, Brace Turns, Bow & Stern Rudders, Draws in motion.

- Introduction to Paddling in Currents <3 knots.

Rescue Skills - Assisted and Unassisted Recoveries in Dynamic conditions

- Introduction to Towing.

- Introduction to Rolling.

Sea Kayak Touring Course
Paddle Canada Level 2 Sea Kayaking

Provides the skills and knowledge for Multi-day kayak trips in moderate conditions in moderately exposed environments (Class 2 Waters).

A Typical 5 Day Course would Include 1 - 2 Days in White Rock and a 3 - 4 Day Trip in the Gulf Islands

Successful participants will be given the Paddle Canada Level 2 certification

Prerequisites - Sea Kayak Day-tripping or Paddle Canada Level-1 Skills Course

Course Fees Include - Kayak and Related Equipment, Camping Fees, Group Equipment (Kitchen Tarps, Stoves, Pots)

Not Included - Personal Camping Equipment, Food, Transportation (Carpooling may be arranged)
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